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50 Ton Lowboy

Length: 45 ft.
Main Rails: 16" WF beam

Paint: Customer's Choice
Tires: 255/70R-22.5
Rims:825 x 22.5 tubeless
Decking: 2" oak
Suspension:Hutch w/H.D. 8 leaf springs
Lights:Truckline D.O.T. Specs

  • Landing Gear: 2-speed
  • Motor grader ramps
  • Covered Wheels
  • D-Rings
  • Spring-assist Load Ramps​​ or Hydraulic

Standard specifications for all lowboy trailers include: Radial tires, Unimount wheels, tandem axles, Hutch 9700 suspension w/8 leaf springs,Trucklite lighting. Options available upon request.

35 Ton Lowboy

Landing Gear: N/A
Length: 45-53 ft.
Main Rails: Fabricated
Axles: 25,000 lbs. cap. ea
Tires: 255/70R-22.5
Rims: Steel Unimount
Decking: Apitong
Suspension: Air Ride
Lights: D.O.T. Specs

  • 35 - 55 Ton Capacity
  • Non-Ground Bearing Design
  • Wheel Assys: 10 Stud Unimount
  • Covered Wheels (optional)
  • D-Rings
  • Swing-out Outriggers
  • 13 Hp Pony Motor
  • Hydraulic Load Ramps (optional)

*Standard specifications for all lowboy trailers include: Radial tires, Disc unimount wheels, D.O.T. lighting.  Options available upon request.

35-55 Ton Non-Ground Bearing Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy

Landing Gear: Swing Back
Length: 35 ft.
Paint: Customer's choice
Axles: 22,500 lbs. ea
Tires: 215/75R-17.5
Rims: Steel Unimount
Decking: 2" oak
Suspension: Hutch 9700 w/ 3 Leaf Springs
Lights: D.O.T. Specs
Self-contained: Manual Spring-Assist Ramps

Economy style 25 ton lowboy with full length wood deck.  Can be built with or without motor grader ramps on neck.  Deck height is 37 inches.

25 Ton Econo Lowboy


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Double Drop Deck Lowbed

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Length: 38-48 ft.
Main Rails: Heavy Duty WF beam
Axles:Three (3)
Tires: 255/70R-22.5 low profile
Decking: 2" oak

  • Rims: 825 x 22.5 tubeless
  • Motor Grader Ramps
  • Hydraulic Load Ramps
  • Covered Wheels
  • Lashing Rings
  • ​Optional Deck Heights Available

​*Standard specifications for all log trailers include: Radial tires, unimount wheels, tandem axles, Hutch suspension w/8 leaf springs, D.O.T. lighting. Options available upon request.



Landing Gear: 2- Speed

Length: 53 ft.
Main Rails: Cambered

Paint: Customer's Choice
Axles:25,000 lbs. Capacity
Tires: 255/70R-22.5 
Rims:22.5 Alum. Unimount
Decking: Apitong

Suspension: Air Ride

Lights: L.E.D.

  • Loaded Deck Height: 18 Inches
  • 35 ft. in Center Drop Section
  • ​Liftable Rear Axle